Don’t let fear and tech stand between you and finding clients that love you.

You’re here because you love to transform people’s lives.

It’s true.

If you weren’t magic at transforming people’s lives, you’d be at home never leaving the couch. But you’re not. You’re choosing to be here and be great.

Even if you are just having a peek at the information here or shopping for what will bring your business to the next level by building an audience, I’m happy you’re here.

Now that you’re here, I’m going to encourage you to keep reaching further.

You’d like to create magic in your business the way you create magic in other people’s lives.

Hey, I’m Michelle

Growing up, I watched my father struggle in his business. He was an extremely skilled carpenter who created high-quality work that was built to last. You’d think he would have made tons of money and had people knocking down his door … but he didn’t. He didn’t have the tools to promote himself, nor did he know how to find the value in himself and the greatness he created.

I want your reality in your business to be different.

Do you find yourself struggling to expand your business? Are you having trouble getting clients to knock on your door and join your classes? Do you LOVE facilitating people, but feel like something’s missing in attracting people to your business?

I’ve been in the promotional design and development industry for over 12 years and have experience with getting audience attention. I’m here for you and have your back in expanding your business, however it will take one request of you … you have to choose it.

Meet my Team

Ok, so they are really my puppers, but they inspire me to keep going, and remind me to have joy everyday.

Cooper the Italian Greyhound in light dancing glory!

He’s the first dog I’ve ever had, and I was lucky enough to adopt him. He’s charming but looks out for everybody. He’s got a silly sense of humor and is the king of dog-pilling on you.

Peanut the Italian Greyhound in light dancing glory!

She came to me as a puppy-mill rescue when I volunteered for the Italian Greyhound rescue. It’s been amazing to watch her gain confidence and personalty over the years.


She is the newest edition to our house, and despite joining us at the age of 10, she has the energy and joy of a puppy. Her favorite place to be is cuddling on your lap.

I’m here to help you

Whether you have no idea where to start, or enjoy DIY’ing your design, or even want custom work, I’m here to help your business receive what it actually needs.

Need Advice?

If you’d like a little assistance with where to start.

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