Admitting your problem is the first step

I have something I need to admit to you:

I’m a Doer.

Can we take a second to look at how visually stranger the word doer is? Ok, anyway, I have an extremely difficult time sitting still. I always need to be physically or digitally creating something, and I’m not completely sure how to just be.

Gary M. Douglas will tell you that being is just as important as doing, and I make myself very wrong because of this. Lately, it’s not working for me anymore to worry about the being.

Something is taking shape here.

I’ve now started asking the question “What else can I do?” It occurred to me that what I could do it help people promote themselves in various ways so that they can get back to focusing on building their business instead of running in circles not knowing where to start.

What ways can I help?

  • You have a tighter budget
  • You don’t know what you want for graphics yet
  • You don’t know how to DIY in Adobe Programs or Canva
  • You’re not sure why your business isn’t getting clients

That’s what I do. Together we can look at where you are stuck and look at the direction that will be most beneficial for you so that you can get back to doing what you do best in your business. Sound fun? Or maybe you still prefer to do all of the graphic and promotional work yourself (and take yourself away from creating your business). It’s just a choice.

Either way, I will still be here doing!

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