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At eRika Interiors, she specializes in feel-good spaces. Poor layouts and spaces are turned into a stunning flow in any home. With integrity, simplicity, functionality, and beauty, eRika gives direction to design your home with intention when you don’t know where to start but you know that the time has come to create your dream home that feels amazing.


A custom dream planner for daily personal use is created to work on mindset and daily presence and reflection. The format will be printable so that multiple copies can be created as desired. The look will be clean, minimal, and Scandi inspired to reflect the eRika Interiors brand. The eRika Interiors brand colors and fonts are also used to stay cohesive, but custom. The set up of this planner also was designed with ease of printing in mind.

initial project sketches


A minimal sans serif font was used to clearly communicate each of the items of the daily journal, while adding interest which touches of the brand’s font Serendipity.


The two main colors of the brand were used to keep the design clean. The planner also used line work in 80% black to help create a visual organized hierarchy of information.


Nobody provides a service like eRika Interiors. She offers 3 hour long consultations that provide the client with lots of ideas and applicable inspiration that can be implemented immediately or long term. She needed a daily journal to log her ideas, while also having the benefit of a planner to keep organized. Like her Scandinavian style, she needed something that balanced form and function.

The journal was designed to keep all visual items in the print-safe area of the page so that none of the details are cut off doing the printing process. Each page was designed to be printed with ease and cost-effective.

The design was kept clean and minimal so that eRika’s ideas could do the talking.

The following images are only mockups to help you get a sense of the final project. Downloadable PDF proofs of the design can be found at the end of this page. Please review these PDFs to check spelling and overall layout.

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