Did your project really fail?

To anyone that thinks they failed at a project, can we take a step back and see that the failure may actually lead to your greatness?

You have worked your butt off trying to create a course to share your knowledge and skills with other people in a scalable way, but it feels like no one on the planet wants what you are offering. You start feeling really bad and get so sad and upset that you feel like a failure … Nothing is ever gonna work and you’re confused about what you should be doing, and if you’re making the correct choice for your life.

Every entrepreneur here is a brave person that is willing to be something different in the world, and you’re allowed to feel a rollercoaster of emotions. It can be hard when the people that are physically around you don’t understand what you’re going through.

How to deal with failure

Sometimes I think taking some sort of action helps us move on. Making new progress can feel good! Pin that next pin. Post that next post. Write that next email newsletter or blog post. Or even make that list of things to do or learn. Heck, even make that new friend in an online group because you never know when they’ll have your back.

When we put time and money into a project, we get so caught up in forcing the outcome to happen the way we think it should rather than taking a step back to look at any information that could give us insight and awareness into the next step.


It’s a great idea to evaluate the situation and look at what’s working and what’s not so that we have new knowledge when we look at what we’d like to try moving forward and what possibilities we have access too.

Is it failure or something else?

And is that “failure” is truly a failure, or is it just information for the next time? You’re only working through some trial and error, and it’s a matter of looking at what’s not working and seeing how you can do things differently with your next step. What part of it gained momentum, and what part of it stood still? The key is to look at your analytics on all of your platforms and websites. It will show you where people stuck, and help you narrow down the places that you can kick butt.

When looking at your analytics, note what gets a lot of numbers, and then note what has very little engagement. Look at where traffic is coming from, and look at where it is falling off. This will start to tell you where you need to make tweaks, but also what is making people want to know more about you.

Don’t give up on you

Give yourself a break for things going less-than-desirable right away. The real strength you can have is the willingness to look at what’s not working, and see what you can start to change.

Even Steve Jobs didn’t make the perfect iPhone right off the bat. In this presentation, Steve and all of this employees were not completely sure that the iPhone was working for the presentation. They actually had a few backup phones at the podium because they were experiencing problems and weren’t sure if it was going to perform properly for the audience.

That’s where they started with the phone. Now, after all of the testing, tweaking, and changes, the iPhone does even more than we all thought possible.

Will you be kind to yourself if something didn’t go quite right? But will you also still take that next step?I hope you recognize your greatness no matter what.


Have you ever quit before you gave a project enough time for it to come to fruition? What would have been different if you gave yourself a little more time?


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