How to bring traffic to your website and start building an audience.

How to bring traffic to your website and start building an audience because a simple link to your homepage won't drive traffic - Michelle Kraft Design + Dev

You need to have some pretty interesting context to drive people to your website. Your homepage is the “book cover” to your website” and while it’s visually interesting, will the content of your homepage help someone reach a quick win?

Probably not. That information is mostly to explain the services you provide and the content you have to share.

So how do you get traffic to your site?

What interesting thing to you need to do to make people want to come to your site?

Well … this is what opt in’s are for. You are giving readers a tool that will give them a win. These are the types of links people are looking for these days.

“These days” … ha! I talk like I’m 80. 😉

Unless you can promise your reader that following the link will be the most stunning experience of their life, they aren’t going to click on the link to your homepage that you have listed in your social media. But if you turn it around and talk about a having a tool that will help them reach a goal, it will make clicking the link so much more tantalizing.

Quick wins are irresistible to your audience.

We want people to check out our content and get to know us. We want people to CLICK THAT LINK. You just have to give them a reason to.

This is why opt ins are so powerful.

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