Free and Paid Tools to Build your Landing Page

A quick list of available tools (from email service providers to visual builders) to get you started on building a landing page.

I’ve noticed that building landing pages are a place that coaches, facilitators, practitioners, and authors get stuck. When you spend all of that time having trouble building a landing page, it takes you away from building audience and customer relationships.

Maybe your head is spinning from wondering what is the best way to create a landing page. This is my quick, curated list for tools that you can explore to get you started.

Build Landing Pages with an Email Service Provider

You can build a landing page with your email service provider:

But if you change email service providers, that could mean that you loose your landing page design.

Mailchimp could also be added to this list of email service providers that have a landing page builder tool, however, I personally do not recommend their service to someone just starting out. Their interface is complex and has a large learning curve. Again, that is my personal point-of-view to someone just starting out.

Landing Page Creation Services

You could also build your landing page with a landing page service

This can be expensive to pay for the monthly service. Especially if you are starting out. You also have to make sure these services integrate with your email service Provider.

Build Landing Pages for Free with Brizy Cloud

Brizy cloud is a separate option to use as a page builder. They are currently beta testing and you can sign up for a free account to create your landing page. This is a stand-alone service which means your website can be hosted with any platform including squarespace, wix, weebly, wordpress, etc. (It just occured to me that many website platforms start with the letter “W”.) The creators of Brizy will eventually be charging for their service at around $3 or $4 USD a month, which is significantly cheaper than any of the lead page builders mentioned above.

You can find more information and sign up for Brizy Cloud here (my affiliate link).

Build and own your Landing Page for free

Build for free on your WordPress website using a visual builder.

The pro here is that this method allows you to build landing pages for free, and they will stay with your website as long as you own your site. The requirement is that you must have a WordPress site that you host yourself. I am personally all about owning all of the content and deign of your website, so this is my preferred method to build a landing page.

There you have it. My quick list of tools to build your landing page.

What other questions do you have about landing pages? Submit a comment below or contact me. I’m happy to hear from you and help you out!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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