Vision + Mission

Vision + Mission

The beliefs and drive of Michelle Kraft Design + Dev


Take the confusion out of design and marketing so that entrepreneurs can get back to focusing on their business.


  • Delivering the tools for soloprenurs to grow and expand their businesses.
  • Create ease for solorpreneurs to promote themselves so that they can put their energy back into creating more for their clients, instead of trying to figure out how to find business.
  • Create a community of solopreneurs that can have each other’s backs when taking that scarey step forward to grow.
  • Help solopreneurs get the confidence to speak to potential clients and partners about their businesses.

What makes MK D+ D Unique and different?

  • I have your back
  • I have the skills to design as well as develop a plan to make sure your project is effective.
  • I know what it’s like to be a solopreneur feeling terrified to talk to people about what you do.
  • I offer tips and consultation on how to engage with your audience.
  • I can put together the whole vision and package. Not just the imagery portion.
  • I have the North Dakota work ethic. I work extremely hard and don’t stop until the job is done right.
  • I offer quality content that you will learn from. I’m not interested in creating a large amount of“so-so”content just to be seen.
  • I realize that was a large list of “I” statements!

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