Why branding is more than just pretty pictures

Branding is more than Pretty Pictures

Design is not just to make things pretty. Life would be pretty vanilla if that’s what it’s all about. Design is to make you emote or create a sensation, and for this reason, design can be scary, ugly, and confusing. It’s to help you communicate your message clearly to your audience but still allows you to be you.

Maybe you truly are silly. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t mask yourself with frilly and “pretty”. The reason I put the word pretty in quotes is because it’s a subjective concept. What someone views as pretty, another person might view as uninteresting.

No matter what the design looks like, you still have to be willing to be the source and energy of your business. You can’t hide behind an image or graphic, but you can work in partnership with it.

If you find that you have many aspects and you are unsure how to narrow that down into branding design, that’s ok. Be willing to explore it to create something that’s uniquely you. Don’t try to force the first graphic into your business that you think looks rad because you’ll find you want to change it soon down the road.

I’m not here to make you pretty pictures as a bandaid for what’s not working in your business. I’m here to get to the root of the problem in your messaging and website usability.

What businesses make you want to spend money with them, and which ones will you never ever return to? What service did you experience with each, and what messaging did they have that inspired you to take an action, or drove you away?

If you took at step back and approached your business from the point-of-view of your customer, would you want to spend money with your business? Would you be receiving the care and the extra mile that would make you want continue to come back? Or is there areas that makes you feel confused and left hanging?

I’m a huge believer in “form follows function” and if your messaging and business do not function well, all of the pretty pictures in the world will not help you.

Go back to remembering who you are as a business, and what excited you to do what you do. If you don’t remember these things, your customers will see right through you.


Have you gone overboard posting things that look pretty, but didn’t gain any following or results from it. Did you feel like you were being you in the process? What would have been different if you would have been more of you in your social media?

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