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Show Reel

3D Mockup of Teaching & Learning Center Logo

This is a collection of work I’ve done for the Teaching & Learning Center for 2022. Client: Bismarck State College Supervisor: John Carroll Direction, Animation & Design: Michelle Kraft Project Type: Show Reel Music: NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC FOR VIDEO

Esports High School Tournament Highlight

2022 BSC Rocket League Trophy mockup for High School Tournament Winner

The Esports Athletes that participate in the High School tournament earn a highlight when they achieve a great play during their game. The art direction was created by Lance Geving, and I created the 3D, motion, and animation. Client: Bismarck…

Epithelial Tissues

Epithelial Tissues Title over light orbs

You’re viewing a clip of the full video. Professor Deanna Solhjem wanted to deliver information on Epithelial Tissues to her students in a clear format that benefited them, and also put time back in her day since it was information…

Ultra Base Navigation Preview

3D Mockup of Blackboard Ultra on a laptop

Bismarck State College’s students and faculty needed an instructional video to help guide users from the old platform into the new platform. This was done by comparing features and item locations between the two interfaces. Client: Bismarck State College Supervisor:…